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Loans MH specializes in what’s referred to as “home-only” or “in-Park” home loans where the land is not included in the mortgage payment. In most cases, the manufactured or mobile home is set in a manufactured home community or on family/ leased land.

The goal of Loans MH is to use 25 years of Manufactured/ Mobile Home loan experience help answer the many questions and confusion regarding financing homes built in a factory setting.

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Loans MH loan quotes are free with no obligation. Educating you on the loan programs we offer through our lending partners is the priority along with successfully guiding you through the loan transaction.


Mike Scheffler

Mike Scheffler

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Many conventional mortgage lenders do not have experience lending on manufactured and mobile homes especially where the land is leased or owned but not included in the mortgage loan. Loans MH will be able to successfully guide you through your new home purchase or refinance transaction.

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